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The Falcon GT Nationals is a Concourse event held every two years for the owners of Australian built Ford Falcon GT motor vehicles.  The events offers entrants opportunities to meet, compete and socialise with other GT enthuiasts during a 4 day event usually held over the Easter break.


Cars get thoroughly checked for authenticty and adherence to manufacturers specifications during scrutineering.  On the second day the vehicles are judged for the quality of any restoration work and the quality of the presentation

The Falcon GT National Concourse began life in 1985 in Melbourne, an event organised by the Falcon GT Club of Australia.  From 1987 the event rotated between Queensland, New Sout Wales and Victoria.

In 1999 South Australia joined the rotation and this event was co-hosted by the WA Club.  The other significant change was a conference was organised to bring all participating clubs together to formalise a set of guidelines.

2007 and Western Australia joined the rotation and hosted the 12th GT Nationals in their own right.

2016 came along and the NAFGTC was Incorporated and thus management of the NAFGTC and the GT Nationals was separated.

This website is intended to be the home of the GT Nationals on the internet.  The NAFGTC Inc. will be managing and maintaining the basic website and then each club, in turn, will be granted access to add and update content relevant to the GT Nationals they are hosting.


Every effort will be made to ensure all information is as accurate and uptodate as possible however, the NAFGTC Inc. committee and members accept no responsibility for the authenticity and validity of items or articles appearing on this web-site.


Please enjoy our site, come back regularly and do make use of the feedback forms and surveys

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