This page is a tool to aid you in your plans for holidaying in the New South Wales.  We have attempted to highlight rules that may be unique to WA and driving conditions.


Road Rules


In built up areas around WA the speed limit is 50kph unless sign posted otherwise.  There is also a 40kph speed limit through marked school zones between 7.30am and 9.00am, and 3.00pm to 4.30pm on school days.  On the open road the speed limit is 110kph, while the freeway system is 100kph.  Most highways in the metropolitan area are 80kph with some at 100kph.



Speed Cameras are used frequently in NSW, and mainly in the metro area, although some larger country towns also have them.  They will generally be placed in front of a tree, light pole, bus stop seat, or similar.  The object is usually larger than the camera making it difficult to see.  The vehicle is usually parked in behind trees etc (to provide shade for the driver), and thus is out of sight.  There is no sign being displayed so it is easy to miss seeing the camera.  The vehicle of choice is an unmarked small SUV, and in some cases these vehicles are being parked on the verge with the camera setup in the back behind tinted windows.  They also take photos from the rear in WA as well as from the front.


Laser Radar Guns are also used through out the state and country Police vehicles are usually equipped with roof mounted Radar devices.


The Blood Alcohol level is 0.05 and all Police vehicles carry Breath Analysers.  WA also have Booze Buses which travel around the metro area and to some country regions.  Road blocks will generally be set up in a location where you can't avoid them.  Thus by the time you have seen the Booze Bus the Police have seen you, and there are no side roads (no escape!).  Lately the general practise is to check every car going through.


Around the metropolitan area a 98 Octane fuel is available from just about all fuel outlets.  There are a few that do not sell a 98 Octane fuel.  You will also find 98 in large regional centres however many small country towns do not sell 98 Octane fuels.


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