Beyond the cars, the big attraction of the GT Nationals is the opportunity to catch up with like minded friends from around Australia and enjoy their company over a few beers.  Organisors do want to encourage the friendships and the social interactions between entrants.

Entrants do need to be mindful that the GT movement (i.e. GT Nationals) does not always have sole occupancy of a motel.  Therefore entrants and their friends are asked to be considerate of other hotel guests particularly on nights prior to and after the official start and finish of the event.

Entrants are also asked to be a little tolerant of those that do wish to party.  We suggest a curfew of midnight be self imposed by entrants, i.e. tone it down after this time or move to an area away from where others are likely to be sleeping, or trying to sleep.

The NAFGTC wishes to maintain good relationships with the public and the management of the establishments used for the concourse each time.  We need to leave them wanting us to return, not have them blacklist us.